Your Ultimate Denim Style Guide

A staple in any girl’s wardrobe, jeans are loved and owned by all, however choosing the right fit for your body shape can be challenging.

Jeans have certainly stood the test of time within the fashion industry. From their invention in 1873, they have evolved from originally only being worn by labourers, to now being regarded as the number one fashion essential in everyone’s closets.

Picking your go-to pair of jeans is all about choosing the “perfect” fit, one that shows off your best assets and covers your not-so favourite other parts.

From light washes, classic indigo and all things in-between, there’s a huge selection of jeans out there to pick from, including flared, high-waisted, skinny, straight and trendy boyfriend styles.

If you’re wondering what’s what and exactly the type you should be wearing, we’ve narrowed it down for you, creating your go-to denim guide on styles and fits best for any kind of body shape and style

Choosing the right cut:

There are four main styles and cuts of jeans that are commonly worn, each with their own unique detailing, rises, cuts and washes.

The main denim styles are:

Skinny: A style that’s become perhaps one of the most common styles for women throughout the last few years is the staple skinny leg jean. It comes in a variety of colours and washes, with light, dark and even ripped varieties working their way into our wardrobes. Suited to petite figures, skinny leg jeans can also look flattering on curvy girls when chosen with a mid to high-rise waistband.

Bootcut: A common jean from the 1990’s, the bootcut typically tapers to the knee and then will slightly flare out to accommodate a boot at the hem. It’s a flattering shape for tall or curvy girls, creating an illusion of shaping and balance without going overboard.

Flare: Thanks to the popular 1970’s trend, this style has made a huge comeback over the past few years, however the flare is also a staple in any girl’s wardrobe at any time, particularly if you’re tall. Add a little volume and shape to your legs in jeans that flare outwards at the knee in dark or light washes.

Straight: A great go-to, the straight cut jean is the same width all the way down creating flattering structure that isn’t too tight or revealing.

What about the rise?

High-rise: Typically sitting on the natural waistline (around the belly button) high-rise jeans are great for petite or girls with short legs.

Mid-rise: Sitting nicely above the hips, this rise is the most flattering of them all and is suited to pretty much any body shape. A mid-rise fit makes women feel a bit more comfortable with their curves as they are tucked comfortably into their jeans.

Low-rise: Common in the early 2000’s, the low-rise is great for the yummy mummy or the younger girl. Perfect if you have small hips as it shows off your curvy bottom in all the right ways!

Choosing the best fit for your body:


You’re super curvy with a small waist. Why not try a wide-legged jean, or a classic skinny leg jean with a mid-rise to keep you looking slim in all the right places while still showing off your sexy curves!

Features to look for:

  • A wide leg – a must have to balance out your proportions!
  • A lower rise or a mid-rise if you have curvy hips.
  • If you’re petite, a skinny leg jean can still work for you, just choose one that’s not overly skinny or tight-fitting.

Hudson Flare Jean by Amelius 


Pear-shaped girls with curvier hips should steer clear of anything super-tapered and go for a low-rise flare or a bootleg cut. Choosing these styles creates balance of your figure, which helps keep your hips looking slim and streamlined.

Features to look for:

  • A straight or bootleg cut
  • A lower rise in front with a contoured waist – this will add length to your torso and balance you out.
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist to prevent gaping at the waist.

Aspen Y Alesia Wash Jeans by LTB


Apple-shaped women look best in straight leg styles with a little more “give” around the waistline. Avoid high-waisted styles and stick to a mid-rise straight jean.

Features to look for:

  • Mid-rise are flattering on your tummy
  • A straight leg adds balance and proportion to your body shape
  • Choose styles with a little more room on the tummy area

Nixon Stretch Jean by Betty Basics


If you’ve got a curvy body type, the trick is to be careful to select a style that will create a slimming effect in all the right places. A dark wash is great, with a straight or bootleg cut your go-to style!

Features to look for:

  • A dark wash.
  • High-rise if you have a bigger tummy and hips.
  • Straight-legged jean.
  • Avoid choosing styles that are overly skinny.

Rosita Oriana Wash Jeans by LTB


Lucky you! Show off your long and lean legs in straight-legged styles or choose wide flared varieties.

Features to look for:

  • Skinny/straight cuts. These will add curves and balance out your shoulders.
  • A wide-leg cut. Just make sure they aren’t too wide as you will be lost underneath those styles!
  • Mix up your up and down figure with interesting detailing including statement stitching, buttons, zips and more.
  • Try a low-rise to add curves to your butt and tone down the length of your legs.

Bristol Diamond Boyfriend Jean by Bianco Jeans Australian


Petite girls can go for almost any cut, however make sure you try a pair of jeans that lengthens your legs the most. Super skinny jeans create the illusion of curves, while a high-rise will lengthen your torso creating the illusion of longer legs. Cropped versions with heels are a great go-to for the warmer season.

Features to look for:

  • A skinny leg cut
  • Cropped versions
  • Light washes
  • High-rise fits to lengthen your legs

Picotite Navy Stripe Boyfriend Pant by Bianco Jeans Australia

What about denim shorts?


For our petite girls, try wearing a high-waisted silhouette with vertical stripes, which will add inches to your frame.

Blue Quartz Boyfriend Short by Bianco Jeans Australia


For those with curves, try wearing a longer boyfriend style with a more relaxed but streamlined fit. You could pair by tucking in a top to add more definition to your body. 

Copal Short by Bianco


Highlight your long legs with cool details or an edgy texture, such as an eye-catching frill detail at the bottom of the shorts.

Favourite Frill Hem Shorts by Sass

Now that you know all about choosing the perfect cut for your body shape, it’s time to get shopping!

If you need a hand choosing the best fit for your body, get in touch today and we would love to help you find the perfect fit.