Wild at Heart

Wearing animal print should not be a scary thought. The latest trend this year is seeing more and more storefronts looking like a fun, colourful safari. This year will see tiger, snakeskin and zebra prints competing for the top spot against the ever-classic leopard print. The runways this year are seeing not just natural colours of animal print, but prints that include mesmerising colour palettes. From acid yellow snakeskin, and lime green zebra to electric blue tiger, there is no limit to what is on offer with animal print this year. 

So how can you pull off the animal print without looking like you stepped out of the 80s? Steer clear of heavy fabrics like wool or cheap polyesters and opt for silks or light cottons, both of which will ensure the patterns look current. Opt for cuts that are in line with other trending shapes, like mid-length slip skirts or dresses, boxy button up T-shirts or oversized suits, all of which will ensure the piece says fresh. As we’ve learnt this season, anything goes, so stacking your animal prints might feel dangerous, but in days like these, you have to do a lot to stand out. Layer one print on top of another, or style a leopard top with snakeskin boots for a decidedly exotic take on the trend.

Summer is the perfect time to show off your animal print fashions, and if you are not quite ready for a head-to-toe animal adventure, then why not start with some fabulous accessories. However you choose to showcase your prints, just like a good pair of jeans, this trend is seen to be one that should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. 

All About Harmony 

A good tip for wearing animal prints is, harmonising non-pattern prints with your chosen animal print to allow for it to play as the protagonist. Shown above is the Harper Top by Noosa Sol, paired with a black maxi skirt and slides. Not too many accessories paired with this outfit, as the Harper Top speaks loud enough. 

Your Curves Are A Guide 

Wearing any print or bold pattern will usually add volume to the area in which the garment is highlighting. So a good tip is to recognise and familiarise yourself with your best assets, and what you would like to showcase. Whether that be you long legs, your waistline or perhaps after all those squats in the gym, your bottom! Shown above is the Layla Wrap Dress by Noosa Sol, which showcases your waistline and even showing the right amount of leg for those not seeking a short dress. 

Maintaining Balance 

If you really want to make your animal print the focal piece of your outfit, the key is balance. Select a single animal print and then pair it with garments that have more neutral tones, such as black, white or beige. These colours are easy to pair with and very versatile to wear. Of course, you can never go wrong with denim! Shown above is the KL416 Top in Mocha by Kiik Luxe, paired with a trusty pair of denim jeans a black blazer...oh and of course the Louis Vuitton handbag.  

Have no fear, if you are still stuck on how to balance your animal prints, here are some more examples: 

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When In Doubt, Accessorise!

If you feel like animal prints might be too much for you, a fun and effective way of taking advantage of this trend is to accessorise! Go for some fun tiger shoes, or a snakeskin scarf or maybe even a giraffe wallet. There is no limit for the options of animal print accessories available to liven up your outfit and stay on trend. 

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