Introducing: Vigorella

Here at AlibiOnline, we are very excited to welcome a new women's label to our online store! Now introducing Melbourne label, Vigorella

About Vigorella:

Vigorella was established 20 years ago by Jenny Zeuschner, with a vision to express class and elegance. The label has since been 100% designed and made right here in Melbourne, Australia. A special and unique point of difference, with so many brands now being manufactured off shore.

Vigorella is all about designing styles to suit a strong, creative and passionate woman who takes control of her own style. With a focus on signature stretch fabrics, textures and bold colours, Vigorella allows freedom and self expression, encouraging each and every women to discover their own individual style. Designs are created with a simple elegance that can be styled up or down to suit any possible occasion.

Fleeting and meaningless trends are not in the interest of the Vigorella women, rather she is inspired by a timeless and classy look, no matter her age or size. The design and production team each believe in creating garments that are special, fashionable and unique, all while standing the test of time.

Women of all ages enjoy wearing the beautiful fabrics and designs produced by Vigorella, a word meaning "Layers for life". With so many outfitting options, women appreciate the fabulous colour range and the unique fabrics and textures offered. Pieces from Vigorella’s classic, lifestyle or limited edition collections all have a relaxed, soft and flattering form.

Love your new Vigorella pieces? Make sure to take a photo and tag us @alibionline! And if you haven't already, make sure to check out the latest from Vigorella here, as well as our new arrivals page!