Getting ready for Spring in style!

Spring is almost here and it’s time to dust ourselves off and prepare for the better half of the year.. the summer months.

As we spring clean our house, de-clutter our lives and prepare for our summer holidays, we need to make sure to also take care of ourselves. Here are four ways to prepare yourself for a healthy, fun and active summer.

1. Exercise

As it starts to warm up, our bodies are craving physical movement more than ever! Now is the time to get up that bit earlier and start your day with a walk or jog, get a friend to join you for some extra motivation! Daylight savings will give you that extra bit of daylight you need tin the day to fit in your exercise. Its also been propven that feeling good in your active wear makes you more motivated to exercise, check out our Active Wear collection at Alibi Online now! 

Our active wear range includes the Jordy Cosy Pant by Betty Basics in the pink tone perfect for spring, as seen above!

2. Diet

We are all a victim of the few extra winter kgs, but it’s important to bounce back in summer to keep ourselves feeling healthier than ever. Healthy bodies produce healthy minds! Take the time to listen to your body and eat the foods that make you feel the best. And don't forget, water! 

3. Spring wardrobe

It’s finally time to start adding more colour into the wardrobe, horaay! 

We tend to feel better when we feel fresh and colourful on the outside, so now is a perfect time to stock up on all those colours and prints that make you feel like a million dollars, treat yourself, you deserve it! 

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Above is the Palm Springs Maxi Dress by SASS!

4. Rejuvenate your skin

Use a pumice stone or foot brush to get all the dead skin off! Your feet probably haven’t seen the sun in a while and you want them to look perfect in your sandals this summer, maybe even treat yourself to a pedicure whole you’re at it. Step out in confidence! 

If we take care of ourselves, our bodies will take care of us! We wish all of you a happy and productive start to Spring. 

Love from Alibi Online