Lead Up To Spring Racing

We know how stressful preparing for big events can be, so we have prepared a checklist for the ladies to go through over the lead up to the Spring Carnival. 

Two months before the races: start thinking about this years outfit. Brainstorm ideas, look through your favourite websites and stores for possible looks. Always ensure that your choice of shoes, hat, clutch and dress all match!

Check out our Spring Racing collection online now! Above is the 'Flemington Floral Ruffle Dress by SASS'

One month before: Book your hair and/or makeup appointment/s well in advance to avoid missing out on a time slot! Also think about booking your wax and spray tan appointment well in advance and plan to have your wax done a few days before the event and spray tan the day before the event! You don’t want to leave these to the last minute just in case disaster strikes.

Two weeks before: Finalise your outfit! Make sure you try everything on together so you can properly visualize the final look.

One week before: Organize transport! Uber or train to the races as you don’t want to be stuck for hours trying to find a car park!

Three days before: Wax! It's important to get this step out of the way a few days before your tan to avoid those leg spots. 

Two days before: prepare an ‘emergency pack’ full of anything you might need to save the day at the races but small enough to still fit in your clutch. Think about: band-aids, sample size baby wipes in case you have any spills, tissues, heel caps in case you’re in a grassy area, and if you’re dressing to impress, think about some flats or thongs to change into as the day wears on.

Above is the 'Ryker Dress by AMELIUS'

Day before: Make sure your tan is perfect! Pack your handbag for the big day so you don’t forget anything at the last minute!

On the day: Don’t forget lippy and sunglasses; and remember the do’s and don’ts of the races – DON’T get messy but DO stay classy and have fun!.