Our Favourite Ways To Brighten Up Our Winter Mood

While we usually talk about women’s fashion here at AlibiOnline, sometimes we need a few healthy tips clear our mind and lift our mood – especially in winter!

Those cold mornings and freezing nights can take a serious toll on our moods, which is why we thought we’d mix it up a bit and give you a few great tips on how to instantly lift your mood this winter!

Our favourite winter mood booster tips are:

Keep Active!

Nothing beats it! Whether you get a chance to sneak off for a run at lunch time or get up first thing in the morning and hit the gym, make sure you make time to exercise during the winter as well. If you're like us and really value that extra hour of sleep, there are some great ways to exercise from home too! All you need are a few weights, an exercise and an awesome playlist to get you going. Home exercise equipment can be purchased really easily now from your closest discount department store, and is so much cheaper than a gym membership! Our hot tip to get started? Grab yourself some new active wear! That always helps us to get motivated!

Go outside!

While it may not be as sunny as the warm summer’s sun, you still need Vitamin D to lift your mood instantly. Try and spend at least 20 minutes outside in the sun, whether it’s for a quick coffee break or waiting for the afternoon school pick-up. All you need is a nice warm coat or some cosy knitwear!

Relax with yoga!

You can’t get better than yoga! Spend some time stretching out your body with deep breathing to relax and let go. You’ll be surprised at how helpful it is.

Get social!

While we love to curl up on the couch with a great movie and a warm drink on a Saturday night, it’s a great idea to head out with friends or family when you can. Sometimes buying a gorgeous dress for your next night out can really help you stay motivated to brave the cold, and of course will make you feel your best! If you're still not convinced, how about a nice dinner or a quick coffee catch up, you’ll be surprised at how socialising with a great friend or family member will instantly cheer you up!


We had to add this one! If you hadn't already guessed it, we love to shop! We also think it’s an instant mood booster and can help you to feel fresh and ready to go. Having a new cute top or blazer to wear to the office is sure to help fight those Monday blues and will leave you feeling confident to kick start the week! For those 'just not happening' kind of days, layer up with basics to stay warm and cosy, or throw on your favourite piece of knitwear, that's sure to help! So why not start now

So why not start now! Check out our new arrivals page, for all the latest fashion! 

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