5 Reasons Why We Love Spring

Sure, we might not be there yet, but Spring is less than a month away and we couldn't be happier! While we're always keen to welcome back our winter wardrobes, there's nothing better than long summer days and easy breezy fashion! But the best part about Spring? Another excuse to go shopping!

So, what's so good about Spring anyway?

It's time for a fresh start.

There’s nothing better than cleaning out our wardrobes and discarding old items or items we never wear, so we can make room for all our new season pieces. You may be surprised at some of the styles you completely forgot were hidden in your wardrobe as well! Bonus!

Hot tip: How often do you buy something that you love, but just never wear? If you're like us and the answer is "all the time", then we suggest trying to sell your pre-loved clothes and sending them off to a good home. There are a number of  great ways to do this, from markets to online apps and websites, but it's best to do your research and find out what will work best for you. There are two great parts to this story:

1. Your clothes get a new lease on life in a new and loving home.

2. You get money to buy more clothes!

New season, new style.

The change in season is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and stock up on new season trends and must-have styles. We're loving lightweight t-shirts, deep-v necklines and wide leg palazzo pants, just to name a few. But this doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to all your old winter favourites. Spring weather can be up and down, so make sure to hold on to all your favourite layering pieces from Betty Basics3rd StoryKiik luxe and Vigorella.

This change in season is also a great time to liven up your wardrobe with pops of colour and summer patterns. We're so happy to see red sticking around, as well as a muted tones of white and peach. Make sure to keep an eye out on our new arrivals page, for all the latest Spring trends and fashion, coming soon to AlibiOnline!

Put away the comfort food, it's time to get healthy!

The warm weather is a great incentive to inspire us to be healthy and to get active. As the mornings are no longer as cold, spring is a great time to start implementing those healthy habits and get out of bed and get moving! A little vitamin D is great for your general health, so why not get up, put your runners on and embrace the sunshine? If you're not a morning person, that's no worries! The days are getting longer and longer, so you have plenty of time to fit in a walk with the dog, or an afternoon in the park with the kids! If active wear isn't your thing, stock up on Betty Basics and 3rd Story tees, for something a little more comfortable!

Have fun with fashion!

While we love winter fashion – there’s something about the light layering of spring styles that we can’t get enough of. As the weather is warmer, you have much more flexibility in what to wear, which gives you the chance to mix it up and try a trend you’ve been dying to show off. There's nothing worse than putting together a perfect outfit, then spending the whole day hiding under a coat! It's time to say goodbye to those heavy jackets and scarves, and hello to those lighter weight fabrics!

Happy you, happy me.

All of these things combined (and many more) simply just make us happy. Warm weather, healthy bodies, new clothes… what’s not to love?

Do you need to refresh your wardrobe and get your hands on new spring arrivals? Head over to our new arrivals page, with new styles on the way, every day!